Back in the lanes at Deeside

We attended our first competition of the season at Deeside 31st March. A first for co-hosts Carry On’s and Critical Impact, it was a great venue, with plenty of space, and most importantly a cafe!

We debuted 2 teams, the first of which, Black Adders, was NFC. The line-up of Patch, Maddie, Gracie, Xavier and Leo isn’t quite race ready, but it was great to see Gracie, Xavier and Leo in particular back in the lanes after extended periods out for re-training. All 5 dogs looked on top form with only minor changes to be made before our next competition. The dogs raced hard and had lots of fun in the process!

Black Adders Go Forth saw a line up of 4 new dogs too, with Meg, Lexa, Star and Idris hitting the lanes and Koopa joining them for warm ups. Although they were looking good, even without Alex available to run Star, unfortunately they had to go down to 3 dogs with a poorly Star just not feeling herself. They clocked a time of 22.18 before Star had to withdraw, the first seed time of the season!

Gracie - Flyball dog!
Gracie putting all her recent training to work

It was great to get the dogs racing again and back into that all too familiar, albeit noisy environment. We cannot wait for our next competition at Newark on Easter weekend, where hopefully we’ll be able to run two open teams and clock some great times. #BlackAddersFlyball #poweredbyBurns #SponsoredbyBurns #oneBFA

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