Meet The Admin Team

Team Captain


Alistair Kirk

Ali is a full time dog trainer and runs Kirk's Canine Academy.
​He has been flyballing since 2011, and is pictured running Patch.
He is responsible for the smooth day-to-day running of the team.



Emily Kirk

Emily is Ali's other, and some would say better half!

As the secretary, she looks after all the admin for the team.

Photography & Social Media


Adele Texas Carey

Adele is our token Scot!

As a keen photographer, she runs Shutter Queen Photography.

She is in charge of our Facebook page and other social media



Leah Philips

Leah is a qualified Veterinary Physio, and she's also the one in charge of the purse-strings! When she's done making sure we all pay our subs on time, she is the handler for the adorable Gracie.