Flyball is a fun, fast and furious dog sport that involves a team of four dogs completing a course in a relay fashion; the course is 51 feet long and consists of four jumps and a flyball 'box'.


The dogs have to run down over the four jumps, trigger the spring-loaded box, retrieve the ball that is 'fired' as a result and then return back to the start/finish over the four jumps again. The following dog can only cross the start line when the preceding dog has crossed the line on its way out.


The winning team is the fastest team to complete the course without errors - simples!

Who can do it?

Flyball is a sport for any and all breeds of dog: as long as your dog is fit and healthy it can do Flyball!


In the interests of fairness and safety, the jumps are only ever set to the height of the smallest dog in a team - the lowest they can be set is 6" and the highest is 12" - so a fast but small dog is invaluable, lowering the height of the jumps for the bigger dogs in a team.


In this video you can see one of our teams - Black Adders Go Forth racing at the BFA Indoor Champs 2018 - and it's comprised of a real mix of breeds and sizes! Buddy - a spanner, Lily - a Goldie, Star - a little cross breed, and Meg - a Welsh Sheepdog.

How fast is it?

The current BFA Record is an astonishing 14.77 seconds! 


However we're not quite that fast... Black Adders fastest time to date is a 16.77

The video here is of our fastest team - Black Adders, racing at the BFA Indoor Champs 2018.